Q: Can I create my own viewport dimensions?

A: Yes, to add new dimensions click the plus icon in the "Resize Viewport" overlay. To edit or delete dimensions click the "edit" button in the "Resize Viewport" overlay and update or delete the required dimensions.

Q: Where do I change the "User Agent"?

A: The user agent is set via the settings area of the app. Click the settings icon at the bottom right of the screen to display te settings area. Tap the "User Agent" item and select the relevant user agent string.

Q: Can I create my own "User Agent" strings?

A: Yes, to create a new user agent string open the settings screen, select the user agent option and then tap plus icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Q: I don't like the default dark grey background color, can I change it?

A: Yes, your can change the background color in the settings area to one of the following colors: Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Light Linen and Dark Linen.